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Gravity-ink is an anomaly in today’s ocean of illustration and design. We do not follow trends or fashions, nor do we wallow in the nostalgia of our past work. Every image, every line of type, is created to not only stand out in our oeuvre but in the barrage of images readily available.

Our primary goal in any of our work is to create a piece that grabs attention and pulls the viewer in, even amongst the most crowded of spaces. With any promotional piece you have less than ten seconds of the casual passerby to catch their eye and hold their attention. It is true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but a really outstanding cover can get someone to pick it up, and that is the first step in getting them to read it.

The secondary goal of any Gravity-ink project is to provide you with a piece that is unto itself a work of art. We feel that any promotional item, primarily posters, should be able to stand on its own outside of its function. We feel the final product should be something to be displayed with pride, not just utility.

Rather than relying on cookie cutter images, faux cartoon kitsch, or nouveau urban flash, Gravity-ink starts with traditional illustration, hand painted images, individually conceived and created for your specific project. Although relatively time consuming, this process ensures that each individual project will never be mistaken for a competitors promotion. Even when displayed next to each other, our own works are as individual as the event they promote. We don’t reuse, repeat, or rely on what we did yesterday to create something new today.

The typography, layout and design of our work are unlike any other. There are no templates, no plug and play designs, every piece has been planned and created to work with the individual illustration. Although digitally executed, this stage is as hand crafted as the art itself. This aids in an organic, artistic, and individual flow that is missing in so much of design today.

Our “fine art” approach to our process can be easily summed up: Good Design, Period. Nothing less.
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