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London, UK-based advertising photographers Hugh Turvey and Artemi Kyriacou offer world-class conceptual imagery for ad campaigns, annual reports, corporate publishing and fine art usages.

Together we draw from our art / design / photography backgrounds and work individually and collaboratively to produce conceptual photographic imagery for advertising, design and publishing for a wide base of global clients.

Our specialist area of x-ray photography is about 'insight' and explores the 'constructed world' around us. We use a complete range of radiographic tools for capturing alternative imagery of structure, form and the function of flowers, food, cars, packaging and products. Our work is also held in private collections in USA and Europe.

Technique | x-ray (radiograph, roentgenogram, shadowgraph):
The images are normally captured using a conventional black and white film (17x14inches) which is exposed by phosphors as x-rays collide with it. Occasionally the images are a varied mix of photography and x-ray. Coloring is the final stage of the process and allows us to enhance areas of density
variance and interest within the image.

Keywords | to assist with the application of x-ray imagery
internal, inner, inside, insight, exposed, revealed, bare, naked, discover, pealed, layered, unhidden, openness, access, frank, x-ray specs, x-ray vision, x-posed, diagnose, view point, POV, depth, skin deep, delve, reach in, heart of the matter, security, inspection

Other Keywords
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