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Laura Galbraith

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Born and raised in Miami, FL, Laura spent most of her childhood among Caribbean and art deco influences. She received her degree in Baltimore, MD at ...the Maryland Institute College of Art. She loves drawing sexy ladies, bedazzled outfits, and any other girlie thing you can think of. Subway doodles are probably her more favorite thing to do, although she LOVES commissions, so definitely make sure to drop a line if you need something drawn!

Tools of the trade include ink, acrylics, and a wacom tablet. She loves strong female role models, the color turquoise on EVERYTHING, eating exotic foods, and obsessing over her "children" (two furry mutt puppies).

Her work has been featured in: Juxtapoz Online,, Faesthetic Magazine, Digital Arts Magazine, Moloko Plus Magazine,,, High Times Magazine, The Blood Dumpster, Destination Gallery, Jewcy, and on various other galleries and blogs outside and around the web.
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    Foreshadow in the Deep
    Created for the Circle book.