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Julie Lieberman is a painter/illustrator and has done professional sand sculpture.

She has been a Professor of Illustration at East Carolina University, Pratt, School of Visual Arts and, for the past twelve years, at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Julie recently finished co-writing and illustrating a book of ghost stories titled "Spirits of Savannah" that will also be produced as a multi-media live theatrical performance. Look for it on KickStarter February 27, 2014

She is now working on a book project titled
Visual storytelling/The art of Illustration.

Her work has appeared in Communication Arts, Print magazine, New York Daily News and in various other venues.

She has co-authored three versions of “A Survey of Illustration, history and techniques” published in Korea (design house), with Andrew Chang.
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912-525-5192 (Office)

912-844-7150 (Mobile)


facebook.com/Julie S Lieberman

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