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Kevin Brown has been shooting professionally since before he could drive. He had a darkroom at age 10 and was a staff newspaper photographer at age 15. Now, with 35 years of professional experience, he is a full time Dallas area freelance photographer and specializes in commercial, editorial, architectural, and industrial assignments for agency and corporate-direct clients all across the United States.

Considered a versatile shooter by his peers, Kevin has built an enviable reputation and list of clients who have him on speed dial when they need a skilled, creative photographer to shoot their annual report or latest ad.

He is in demand, averaging 150-175 assignments each year, From the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian plains, from Boston to L.A., he's shot from offshore drilling platforms, helicopters and bucket trucks. He’s photographed executives, factory workers, sports-team owners and models. Whether they’re in the corner office or on the front line, Kevin loves to meet people and easily puts them at ease in front of the camera. In 2014 alone, he photographed over 1,000 individuals from every walk of life. He loves photographing people.

Whether he's photographing a single individual for a magazine cover, or managing a dozen people on a lifestyle shoot, he is efficient and gets what his clients need.
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