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Native New Yorker Lee Page has been working in fashion and advertising photography since the 90's. "I started at age 8 by taking candid shoots of my brother and sisters with the Instamatic camera my father gave me. I guess I never stopped."

Known widely for his innovative use of locations and lifestyle, Lee's relaxed, fun and confidant manner leads to both the requested and often the unexpected shot. "Always have a camera ready. Some of my favorite pictures have been made with a simple point and shoot camera in the most unlikely spots at the wrong time of day, but, they've captured the moment perfectly."

Throughout his career, Lee has found unique ways to take both spontaneous and well-composed moments that reflect his personal and professional beliefs and incorporate them into his images. Always looking for inspiration from the location, Lee allows the environment to work its magic.

Living and working out of his studio/loft in New York's Tribeca neighborhood, Lee captures the best of editorial, beauty, and advertising images.
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