Garth Glazier's Tribute to Old Glory

[ Posted: Jun 01, 2016 ]

“Sometimes it does pay to play”, says illustrator and graphical artist, Garth Glazier, who’s recently been sharing some process work from his experiments on the well known “RAM” logotype, playing around with textures and digital painting. “The next logical step after playing is to apply what you learn to something with a potentially practical application.” Fittingly, Garth chose the American flag to apply the logo unto, wishing his followers a “Happy Memorial Day!”

Garth Glazier is an artist with a wide spectrum of artistic skill. Apart from working on logotypes and other graphical pieces, a number of wonderful portraits can be found on his Altpick profile. He’s also been updating his Facebook page lately with some interesting and thought-provoking abstract pieces.

[ Copyright Garth Glazier ]

[ Copyright Garth Glazier ]

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