Hoecherl Creates Sci-Fi Photo Series - with His Phone!

[ Posted: Feb 27, 2018 ]

We’ve come a long way since the birth of phone cameras, and with the added benefit of different illustrative apps and a highly creative mind, the sky surely is the limit. For photographer Wayne Hoecherl, who admittedly did very little creative photography and photo-illustration work with his camera and computer last year, the iPhone has proven to be a valuable substitute. With only a few months passed since discovering how to make photo-illustration on his pocket device (since October), Wayne has created over 30 new pieces " all of them sci-fi themed and nearly all made from photographs of store window mannequins!

Nine samples from this creative new series can be seen here below.

Hoecherl Creates Sci-Fi Photo Series - with His Phone!
[ Copyright Wayne Hoecherl - Ordeal ]

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