Jonathan Williams' Neo Dandy, The Slashie and The Xennial

[ Posted: Jul 24, 2018 ]

Illustrator Jonathan Williams is back and this time it’s with some great informational illustrations for British GQ Magazine. The illustrations portray three different not-so-often-talked-about character types: the Neo Dandy, the Slashie and the Xennial.

For anyone unfamiliar (which is probably the majority of readers) the Neo Dandy is a person who cares more about their fashion and outward appearance than most others, the Slashie is someone who divides his work between a number of vastly different careers and the Xennial is a microscopic tech-savvy generation cramped between gen X and Millenials.

More info about these fascinating character types can be found alongside Jonathan’s illustrations in the pages below!

[ Copyright Jonathan Williams ]

[ Copyright Jonathan Williams ]

[ Copyright Jonathan Williams ]

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