Donna Wilson Brings Old-Time Poster Designs Back to Life!

[ Posted: Jun 05, 2019 ]

Who said early 20th-century poster art was dead? Not us, at least, because illustrator Donna Wilson and her friends at Poster House and Library of Congress are here to show what great collaboration looks like! The newly-made old-time poster, here seen fully animated with appropriate music, showcases the fantastic achievements of the “Carl Damann Family of Famous Male And Female Acrobats”.

“We had a lot of fun doing this!”, said Donna when sharing the animated illustration”. What we wouldn’t give to see more of these people in action!

About the project
Poster House partnered with the Library of Congress on an animation contest. Donna Wilson and Josh Wilson's reinterpreted circus poster animation was chosen among others!

The animation will be on display in the 23rd Street window of the Museum ahead of the GRAND OPENING on June 20th. Go check out their animated posters featured in the windows at Poster House, a new museum opening to the public this month 6/20!

The Poster House
119 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

[ Copyright Animated piece by Donna Wilson and John Wilson ]

[ Copyright Animated piece by Donna Wilson and John Wilson ]

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