Dorit Thies Expresses Her Appreciation with New Work

[ Posted: Dec 09, 2020 ]

Thanksgiving was a time for many of us to take a minute and think about what we’re thankful for. For photographer Dorit Thies there was definitely more than one thing; While sharing a sneak-peek into her upcoming editorial story for Amazing Magazine, titled “GODZILLA”, Dorit said that she is thankful for her health, family, friends, furry creatures, teams, the people that believe in her and the work she was able to create during these challenging times. She explains her photo choice: “I believe that this image symbolizes a lot of the unseen magic and the wonders that are surrounding us every day. We just have to stay open and aware.”

Dorit then went on to express her appreciation for female surrealist painters, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo, and their depictions of “the power of the spirits through light, nature or animals” - elements also incorporated in Dorit’s mystical but beautiful image.

Dorit Thies Expresses Her Appreciation with New Work
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