Grati Illustrates the Aging Effect of Digital Screens

[ Posted: Jun 29, 2022 ]

Umberto Grati recently made an excellent illustration for the Italian magazine Benessere published by St. Paul International, portraying the effects that technology can have on our aging, if not used correctly. The blue light emitted from screens, for example, has been shown to rapidly increase the aging process of our skin while simultaneously making us less sleepy, causing low sleep and a worsening of the skin’s ability to repair itself.

So what can we do? For one, we can reduce our screen time by taking longer breaks and avoiding them altogether before going to sleep. Secondly, doing regular eye checkups can lessen the habit of squinting our eyes, which over time can lead to more face wrinkles.

So, now that you’re done reading this article and have spent some time enjoying Umberto’s colorful piece, maybe it’s time to close that device for a couple of hours and enjoy the weather outside!

Grati Illustrates the Aging Effect of Digital Screens
[ Copyright ©Umberto Grati ]

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