Kirpach Depicts “Slut Shaming” for New Frizzifrizzi Article

[ Posted: May 11, 2023 ]

Daria Kirpach’s illustration for the online magazine Frizzifrizzi, titled “Slut shaming”, is an excellent depiction of an issue that seems to persist in society, despite other positive advancements. Still in more “progressive” parts of the world, there seem to remain certain social rules that only pertain to women, and not to men. This is especially evident when it comes to sexual relationships. One example, which is the main focus of Kirpach’s artwork, is the topic of sexual assault, where the clothing of the victim oftentimes comes into question as a possible contributing factor to the crime. “If you didn’t dress the way you did, this might’ve never happened to you.”

Kirpach Depicts “Slut Shaming” for New Frizzifrizzi Article
[ Copyright ©Daria Kirpach ]

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