Lacko takes "Flight" over Adidas Competition

[ Posted: May 16, 2006 ]

Lacko takes "Flight" over the Adidas Competition - Cast Your Vote Today!

Adidas Shell Toe Sneakers achieved Urban Pop Cultural Icon status in the mid 1980's when worn by Run DMC - the first rap act in heavy rotation on MTV. The brand sought to cash in on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) craze this year by releasing a limited edition solid white Adicolor sneaker, sold with a set of 6 color paints to inspire consumers to express their individuality and personal style. In an effort to promote the brand, Adidas sponsored an international design competition and collaborated with some of the world's best known creatives to produce unique pieces based upon the iconic footwear.
The design contest has reached the final elimination round and AltPick's own John Lacko is one of only two designers from the US still in the running for the "Other Gallery" top prize.

Lacko's design, entitled "Flight," includes original character art inspired by his experiences during the record-breaking 2005 hurricane season. Creating a cartoon series of friendly and evil clouds, Lacko brought comic relief to a difficult situation after his own home suffered extensive storm damage from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. His brightly rendered shoe design sports the golden wings of Pegasus and an assortment of giant-tongued playful clouds on a background of sky blue and classic, Japanese-inspired waves with the triad of Adidas-branded stripes. "We flew out of Miami on one of the first planes airborne in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. By the time we reached Tokyo, New Orleans was destroyed. This series of cloud characters evolved as we sat jet lagged in a strange room in a strange land and watched CNN cover the hurricane's aftermath back home... We had no idea at that moment how many storms would quickly follow."

To view John's design and cast your vote for the finalists, please click on the "Other Gallery" link.

The entire flight series can be viewed on John's AltPick portfolio page-click on link below.

Lacko takes "Flight" over Adidas Competition
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