Naoya Wada's "Never Without" Launches TedCo Site

[ Posted: Sep 01, 2006 ]

Never Without, an interactive advertising agency in Atlanta, is proud to announce the launch of a Flash based website for TedCo Worldwide, a traditional advertising agency based in Atlanta, GA.

The relationship between traditional and interactive agencies was fostered through the network of savvy professionals based in the Atlanta area. TedCo and Never Without agreed upon updating the traditional agency with a Flash/PHP based site that would be experiential for visitors, as well as easy to update. Never Without utilized a unique PHP system that would allow anyone to update the TedCo portfolio by simply dropping creative into a FTP directory. The end result is a clean user interface that TedCo was striving to have, and a dynamic backend that allowed them to update content as necessary.

Never Without was conceived by a team of seasoned interactive marketers to meet the market need for resources and to provide a hub where experts could effectively collaborate with others of their caliber and propel industry innovation. The organization consists of a network of interactive talent from around the country connected through the latest communication technology and centralized under the direction of senior-level strategic, creative and production direction. The model facilitates scalability and flexibility and ensures highly effective work, giving clients of any size the thought leadership and depth of resources to create unique solutions for their interactive marketing problems.

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