Altpick Members in April Issue of FSB

[ Posted: Mar 20, 2008 ]

This month's issue of Fortune Small Business (FSB) features many of our Altpick illustrators and photographers:

Red Nose Studio illustrated a 2 full page spread for "Are Women Still Disadvantaged?" article.

Jeff Sciortino photographed Mary Ardapple owner of Apple's Bakery in Peoria, IL for "Slump Busters" article.

Thomas Strand photographed Stephanie Lloyd of Lloyd's Construction in Egan MN for "Phones for Heavy Lifting" article.

David Stuart photographed entrepreneur, Tom Broughton, for "A Banker Who Makes House Calls" article.

Elliott Golden illustrated "Can I Fire An Unpopular Worker?" article.

Stephen Webster photographed inventor, Cynthia Baker owner of Cynthia Swing Tongs for "Chicken Wing Thing".

Colby Lysne photographed entrepreneur, Anthony Schwager, of Anthony's Beehive for 4 page article "A Buzz About Honey".

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