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[ Posted: Jul 28, 2009 ]

Air America
Guests Tom Atwood, Al Gore, Martin Sheen and Spongebob Squarepants discuss 'eye sockets' and all things visual. Atwood comments on everything from how George Bush used imagery to promote interests in Iraq, to why photographs are so powerful in today's media landscape to Spongebob himself. Atwood also offers advice on protest photography and personal tips for amateur photographers.

CBS - Windy City Radio
Atwood shares why he got into photography, why books are more democratic than gallery exhibitions, how he finds subjects, as well as which spaces from his Kings in Their Castles series were most surprising. He also describes why Joel Schumacher was laughing about a woman in the New York subway, what's in Carson Kressley's closets and who gives facelifts with duct tape.

Sirius XM - John McMullen Show
Atwood walks us through how digital photography is affecting professional photographers, why he decided to go into photography and how he started his business. Atwood also fields calls from listeners and is forced to discuss whether his website has any mischievous content, how being a photographer has affected his love life and whether he spies on guests with hidden cameras in his home.

Sirius XM - Frank DeCaro Show
Atwood discusses how Kings in Their Castles is a metaphor for Manhattan, how the home is an extension of the self, his view of the best way to display a Picasso, as well as the process of finding a publisher. Atwood also explains what's in the homes of Todd Oldham and Junior Vasquez, as well as how people with poodle paraphernalia can be role models for our youth.

Progressive Talk - Forward Forum
Atwood contrasts film and digital photography and shares his views on whether either is more artistic, as well as how we might view them in 100 years. Atwood and editor, Raphael Kadushin also discuss Atwood's book and Atwood describes the process of choosing a publisher.

Atwood describes the home of Jonathan Adler and Barneys New York creative director, Simon Doonan, as well as Atwood's own home and what kinds of personal spaces interest Atwood in general. You'll also discover who might have offended families and ducks in the Boston Common.

US Talk Network - KPFK
Atwood discusses his artistic approach and style - from composition to depth of field - and how it differs from traditional portraiture, as well as why he decided to do his Kings in Their Castles series, how he chooses subjects and his favorite types of home decorations.

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