Naughty or Nice? Lacko Illustration's CUPONK Monsterosity

[ Posted: Jan 10, 2011 ]

Naughty or Nice? Lacko Illustration's CUPONK Monsterosity is a Christmas Blockbuster

It takes years to become a Jedi at (virgin) Beer Pong so smart tweens train early with the Milton Bradley ball and cup sensation setting new trends on twitter searches - #CUPONK - the game that takes trick shots to a whole new level. Toy genies at Hasbro have another Monster success with "CUPONK Monsterosity," the Monsters of Rock themed dunking game that inspired thousands of videos on YouTube featuring kids around the world sinking impossible ping pong shots just like MTV's favorite Jackass Bam Margera.

Lacko Illustration worked with California shop BXC to create the unique rock gods design used to wrap the limited edition series of artist's cups which sold out just before Christmas 2010. Each cup features a round of sound clips which play when the ball is successfully sunk. The rocks riffs on "Monsterosity" are inspired by the theme wrap and 2 tattoo logo balls with growls, groans and grinds blasting from the speaker hidden in the bottom of the twinkling LED battery-operated base. Lacko's horned and mowhawked monsters have ping pong balls bouncing off their exposed brains, spiked lizard tongues, skull-shaped drums and dagger pierced hearts. More than one online review noticed the tattooed lead monster's striking resemblance to a Black Flag era Henry Rollins.

CUPONK is the perfect fusion of slacker charm and trick shot skateboard skill. Hasbro marketed the toys on Youtube with Margera challenging their target audience to upload videos of their best shots. By New Year's Eve, thousands of kids from Italy, Australia and laundry-strewn living rooms across the US were posting unboxing reviews, spit takes and ricochet shots off tables, chairs and mantles.

The game is deceptively simple but highly addictive. Lacko gifted his "Monsterosity" series to family members at Christmas and managed to make his mom extremely mad when a slam dunk contest made everyone late for dinner. Check out all the CUPONK videos at and collect the latest artist's series at WalMart, Target, K-Mart or online at

Cuponk! What shot YOU got?

[ Copyright 2011 John Lacko ]

[ Copyright 2011 John Lacko ]

[ Copyright 2011 John Lacko ]

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