Romanian traditional Amulets

[ Posted: Feb 21, 2013 ]

Alice R. has been preparing lately for the festive holiday in Romania, 1st of March. "This symbolically represents the beginning of spring, even if winter still desperately bites our skin with its last efforts!", says Alice.

Alice's framed mini-illustrations (each illustration is made on 4x6 cm paper with pencil, golden marker and pink text marker) which she will sell a symbol of spring, “a good luck charm”.

The white and red thread of the amulet which parents customarily tied around their children’s wrist, young men offered to young women, and young women used to exchange among themselves was believed to bring good luck and good. It’s an ancient tradition which is still lives and has become an industry.

See more of Alice's future plans on her blog, click on the link below.

Romanian traditional Amulets
[ Copyright allistration ] 4x6 cm original illustrations to be framed and sold as Mărţişor

Romanian traditional Amulets
[ Copyright allistration ]

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