Erika LeBarre's Mischievous Blue Cat

[ Posted: Aug 13, 2013 ]

Erika LeBarre has been collaborating with a writer for some time now, creating many illustrations for her very first children's eBook. "I'm excited to share the good news that the time has finally come where the eBook titled, BLUCY, is available for sale!"

Written by Julia Dweck and published by Xist Publishing. It's about a mischievous blue cat that gets into all kinds of trouble and has a special secret. The target age is 4-8 years old, but really for anybody any age to enjoy! You can reserve a copy for yourself or as a gift at 20% off the retail price now by pre-ordering the ebook now via Amazon.

Here's the link: or link on the link below. It will be delivered to your device of choice (i.e. Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Android, iPad, Nook, etc.) by 8/12/13, the same date the special 20% off sale ends. Enjoy!

Erika LeBarre's Mischievous Blue Cat
[ Copyright Erika LeBarre ]

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