Stephen Hill’s Flight To Deep Space

[ Posted: Jun 15, 2015 ]

Stephen Hill, who is an editorial and commercial photographer based in the Mid-West, likes to capture the spontaneity of moments that might seem insignificant at quick glance, but which become far more interesting when frozen in time. His latest shot, which was posted on his blog, is a good example of that. Taken from his seat aboard a Southwest Airliner, Stephen shows us a view that looks as though the plane had risen above Earth’s atmosphere, with light and dark clearly divided by a blue horizon-line. Stephen’s own capture reads: “#southwest flights to deep space.”

For more captivating photographs by Stephen Hill, as well as behind the scenes on-set pictures of shoots and much more, be sure to visit Stephen’s Tumblr-page, “Hillville”.

Stephen Hill’s Flight To Deep Space
[ Copyright Stephen Hill ]

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