Dorit Thies Shoots Front Page For BedHead Pajamas’ New Catalog

[ Posted: Aug 07, 2015 ]

The techniques and sensibilities that German-born Dorit Thies acquired as a hair and makeup artist working in Europe, Canada and in the US has proven beneficial on repeated occasions after she decided to pursuit a career within photography. This knowledge has given her the ability to create highly detailed and conceptual compositions, which in turn has given her the opportunity to work with many big clients over the years; Dorit recently shot the cover for BedHead Pajamas’ Fall/Winter 2015 catalog, which was proudly shared on her personal blog. Take a look below!

Creative Direction & Photography: Dorit Thies

Model: Lucy Macintosh with Photogenics

Styling: Alvin Nguyen with Celestine Agency

Make up and Hair: Campbell Ritchie with LA

[ Copyright Dorit Thies ]

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