Alexei Vella Creates An Eerie Mascot

May 31, 2023

Most people will probably agree that cute and wide-smiling characters aren’t always adorable or friendly, but can rather at times feel eerie and uncomfortable -- just pick a horror franchise of your choosing! Smiling dolls, people in happy animal suits, and colorful cartoons have oftentimes been used to create a sense of dread, something that Alexei Vella’s latest creation for a new tabletop role-playing game is a prime example.

Alexei describes the character as such: “A huge concrete plinth countless feet tall stands ominously, its surface placarded and billboarded with preposterous adverts and slogans. Atop the plinth rotates a spherical smiling happy face, an effigy of the Authority’s most hated mascot, Mister Smiley.”

You can read more about this adorable and vile-looking creation on Alexei’s Instagram or play-test the new game in the links below!

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