Altpick...Same, but better

Aug 11, 2023

Same, but better.

Over the course of three decades, has evolved and adapted to the changing landscape, without changing its values or approach to promoting artists.

The new Altpick was built to help us continue to do what we do best — actively pitch and promote unique talent, and provide a platform for all artists — industry leaders, rising stars, and diamonds in the rough.

Take a look around and let us know what you think.

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Maria Ragusa-Burfield, Founder

Artists shown above: Row 1: Greg Whitaker, Jim Cohen, Mark Matcho, Kate Turning; Row 2: Davide Bonazzi, Lisa Powers, Mirko Cresta; Row 3: Lynne St Clare, George Kamper, Joey Guidone, Brian Carlson; Row 4: Robert Babboni, Anthony Nex, Luisa Jung