Anni Betts Proclaims Her Love for Color!

Sep 21, 2021

It may come as no surprise that illustrator Anni Betts has a certain affection for color (if you haven’t seen her colorful illustrations yet, make sure you do!). In a recent blog post, Anni proclaimed her love for colorful imagery with two new illustrations, both presenting a quote directly tied to the theme and surrounded by beautiful decorative elements. In sharing the new images, Anni explains: “…drawing colorful pictures lets me essentially play with all the colors I want, combine them in fun ways, and live in a world of bright, saturated hues.”

If you, like us, think that the new illustrations (/quotes) speak to you, then we have some good news: they’re now available in Anni’s print shop on Etsy! You can find them in the link below, along with several others of Anni’s wonderful artworks.

Copyright ©Anni Betts
Copyright ©Anni Betts