Barraclough Shows Highlights from Virtual Shoots

Feb 01, 2022

Like for so many others, last year was a challenging one for photographer Keith Barraclough, but somehow he still managed to “make it happen”. A highlight, he says, was the experimentation he did with virtual photography using the CLOS app and the creative and inventive collaborations that would come from working with his subjects around the world. Presented here are some of the locations Keith got a chance to shoot in -- all from the comfort of his NYC living room! They include: FL, WY, GA, Costa Rica, AR, Canada, CA, IL, TX, NJ, IN, ME, SC, NC, MA, NY, NE, CO, Saudi Arabia and Wales.

Keith explains: “Most of these photos were taken for “The Redhead Project Virtual”, the 2021 offshoot of my personal project, “The Redhead Project”. Subjects come up with concepts for photoshoots about themselves that cohesively tie together key aspects of WHO they are, WHAT props and clothes to bring/wear, WHERE to do the shoot (a place of significance to them), and WHEN (time of day for best light / desired mood).”

Click on the Instagram link below to view the video.

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