Bespoke Swag

Jan 09, 2024

Photo Shoot with Fashion Designer Stephén Seo.
2023 ended on a high note with this fashion shoot on Laight Street in Tribeca for the bespoke eponymous brand Stephén Seo, known for meticulous detail, clean silhouettes and striking fabrics sourced from Italian, English, French, Belgian, and Scottish trends.

"Deep thanks to John Pearson, co-founder and editor of Mr Feelgood (modeling here with Luciana Fernandes ) for bringing me on board the inspiring creative team behind this shoot," comments Barraclough.

Produced by: Erin Judd of No Frames
Styling by: Stephén Seo
Hair/Makeup by: Sabrina Ziomi

Copyright ©Keith Barraclough
Copyright ©Keith Barraclough
Copyright ©Keith Barraclough