Burfield launches PhotoShelter

Jun 30, 2005

Jason Burfield, co-creator of, has just launched his newest creation, Photoshelter. [ ]

Designed for the independent photographer, Photoshelter is a powerful online archiving system, marketing tool, and content sales/delivery system -- all in one.

Photoshelter is the only online archival solution aimed at professional photographers, and is able to handle any type and size of digitial image. And, best of all, Photoshelter contains tools to sell images directly to picture buyers and art directors with NO commission.

Photoshelter has developed an innovative new approach to marketing with their "Virtual Agency" product, which allows the archives of several independent photographers to be linked-together for more powerful marketing reach.

Photo galleries can be created, and made public (the whole world can see), or private (only select users can see.)

The Photoshelter database is able to read all of the IPTC caption information directly from the digital file, and then uses that information to enable extremely robust searches.

All of this functionality sits atop a secure, geographically redundant storage system - so losing a digital file due to hard drive failure, or computer crash, or network malfunction is no longer cause for concern.

Pricing for Photoshelter is incredibly affordable. With a starting package of $5.99/month for 10GB of space, you cannot go wrong.

Photoshelter is currently offering a 7-day free trial of their system.