Colalillo Winner at CAPIC 2019 “Double Vision” Show

Jun 17, 2019

We are happy to announce that Altpick member Giovannina Colalillo, as well as her collaborator Matthew Plexman, are amongst the proud winners of CAPIC’s (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) 2019 “Double Vision” competition; 1st prize by Popular Vote (People’s Choice) and 2nd by Juried Vote. “Double Vision” is an exhibition that, by random draw, pairs participating artists from various industries and challenges them to create portraits of one another. The final submission is then presented with the two portraits side by side.

Shattering, aging and memories are central themes found in both winning pieces. Giovannina’s portrait, titled “There’s No Place Like Home”, was inspired by Matthew’s description of being on the pain killer Fentanyl after suffering injury from a serious fall. His vivid hallucination of “mind and body shattering, pixelating and dissolving into the ether, one tiny square at a time”, is portrayed beautifully in Giovannina’s surreal water-soluble wax pastel illustration.

Similar to Giovannina’s artwork, Matthew’s own portrait does also depict a hospital experience, as it touches upon Giovannina’s recent eye surgery; “Matthew couldn’t shake the visual of something sharp cutting into Giovannina’s eye… He used the shattered glass and the shard overlapping her eye as a vehicle to weave in many, many of the visual memories that she has broken through.”

The two pieces were displayed at the CAPIC Double Vision Show at Todmorden Mills from May 23rd to June 2nd.

Copyright ©Giovannina Colalillo
Copyright ©Giovannina Colalillo