Cresta Creates Animated Poster for Zurich Design Week

Sep 28, 2023

Mirko Cresta recently got an opportunity to take part in the 2023 Zurich Design Week (Aug 31 - Sep 19) in a group exhibition titled “Poster Safari”. The exhibit, which featured the works of 30 selected visual designers and design agencies, was displayed in various public spaces around the city of Zurich. Each work presented the participant’s own interpretation of the theme of “TRANSITION”, which was also animated to be viewed on-site using an AR (Augmented Reality) web app. Mirko explains his particular poster as such:

“This poster tells a story of fluidity and equality, reflecting the journey towards a future of free expression of identity and roles beyond conservative constraints. The colors, inspired by the LGBTQ+ movement, represent inclusion and solidarity. Using artificial intelligence, I created different faces to represent the diversity of different gender identities. The pattern design merges these faces, symbolizing fluid identities as adaptable and interconnected entities. The animation emphasizes the dynamism of constant self-evolution through different color variations that show the infinite variety of possible expressions.”

Copyright ©Mirko Cresta