Glazier's Paintings of Michigan's Inland Seas

Jun 20, 2023

"There is something timeless in the moment, in the glint of the sun hidden behind a cloud, in a summer haze, or at the edge of the horizon at the end of the day." - Garth Glazier

Artist Garth Glazier is working on a new series featuring paintings of Michigan's inland seas, including two 30-inch panoramas this month. Glazier likes to represent actual Michigan locations but with an element of drama that takes them toward the timeless, "I am fascinated with nature's vastness in relation to manmade things".

The first in this year's series "After the Squall" sets the tone of moody changeable skies along LakeMichigan's coast while "Safe Harbor Grand Haven" depicts incoming weather and "Promise of Fair Weather at Big Sable Point" illustrates one of the lake's spectacular sunsets.

Copyright "After the Squall: ©Garth Glazier
Copyright "Safe Harbor Grand Haven" ©Garth Glazier
Copyright "Promise of Fair Weather" ©Garth Glazier