Hoang's Tarot Cards in High Demand

Jun 20, 2005

Partly because of its versatility to communicate informative articles in an entertaining way, and partly because of its ability to engage the viewer intelligently. Dung Hoang\'s initial tarot card illustration style for the The Truth\'s antitobacco campaign have continued to be in high demand. Magazines such as Natural Health, Inside Entertainment, and Esquire all have recently commissioned some three dozens illustrations. Enough that Dung plans to print a full collectible deck when he has enough cards. You can see the set he has just completed for Esquire magazine in the upcoming August 2005 issue. Dung continues to stay glued to the drawing board with illustration work for a global print campaign for VeriSign, commemorative poster illustrations for Spotlight Health, promotional illustrations for The Chili Affair, as well as editorial work for City Weekly, and Redspring Communications.