Keith Barraclough Photographs "Amanda the Adventurer"

Feb 17, 2021

Photographer Keith Barraclough met Amanda during a Redhead Project photoshoot and was amazed at all the accomplishments she has had at such a young age.

Amanda is not only a pilot, but also a firefighter/first responder with her local fire department, musician, scuba diver, motorcycle rider and has even been an extra in a tv show - or two (as a firefighter).

Keith describes her as extremely down-to-earth. "Last year I asked her if I could spend a day photographing her. We started with the plane and moved to the motorcycle and then at a firefighter training center." Keith continues to say, "The weather seems to change perfectly for each. My favorite was the storm clouds during the plane shoot which gave it an Amelia Earhart / adventurer / powerful woman feel."

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