Keith Barraclough Shares 30 Aspects of His Unique Personality

Nov 22, 2022

For an entire decade of working on the Redhead Project, Keith Barraclough has excellently presented the quirky and interesting personalities of countless “redheads” from all over the country.

However, how much do we really know about Keith himself? Well, after taking his partner Kate Lorenz up on a challenge of creating 30 personality shots that reflect who he is in 30 days, we now finally get a unique glimpse into the man who’s normally behind the camera. “I decided to put myself through the paces of what I put redheads through during the 10 years of the Redhead Project”, said Keith when sharing the images, adding: “What fun!”

And “fun” is truly the keyword that shines through in these amazing images! Click on the gif link below.

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