Peterman Interviewed About His “Constructed Realities” Project

Jul 01, 2022

Mark Peterman was recently interviewed by writer Ellyn Kail for on an article on his spectacular photographic series, “Constructed Realities”. In the article, titled “Tales of Mystery and Suspense, Created in Miniature”, Mark got a chance to discuss the details of his multi-tiered creative process and the elements which have inspired his work.

In an excerpt from the interview, he says: “There isn’t one particular work that provided influence but a melting pot of many things over time. That being said, some of my favorite artists in various genres include Brian Eno, John Le Carré, Roman Polanski, and John Atkinson Grimshaw.” Ellyn then points out the similarities between the last-mentioned artist and Peterman, looking at their affinity for nighttime scenes, mist, and iridescent gaslit streets. She also notes one major difference: the absence of human presence in Peterman’s environments. She adds: “But at the same time, we’re also spectators, looking in at a world that is not our own. Perhaps looking at Peterman’s photographs is similar to peering into an expertly crafted dollhouse, bringing with it the same rush of voyeurism and anticipation. Peterman’s imagination is a place defined, at times, by a sense of sleepy unease: a light turned on when it shouldn’t be, a car run off the road, floorboards creaking in the night.”

If you’d like to dive deeper into the miniature world of Mark Peterman then we strongly recommend you read the full article, which can be found in the link below.

Copyright ©Mark Peterman
Copyright ©Mark Peterman