Puschmann Adds New Entry to His “365” Project

Sep 19, 2017

Self generated projects can be just as easy or hard as we want them to be, but it’s the ones that demand a lot of work that tend to really stand out. For photographer Simon Puschmann, who recently released the 7th entry (out of 12) in his new ongoing video series, “365”, hard work isn’t exactly a foreign concept.

A treat for both eyes and ears, his series of videos show us a glimpse into Simon’s life as a traveling photographer. He explains the project as such: “This project perfectly combines photography and film-making. I really ‘shoot’ a film here. Every single image. It is hard work, I tell you.” The music was composed by Simon’s son, Tom Puschmann.

If you’re interested in watching earlier entries and follow this project as it comes along, be sure to check out Simon’s official Facebook page, where new videos will be posted on a regular basis.

Copyright Simon Puschmann