Puschmann Shares His Quarantine Experience with New Film

Sep 22, 2021

THE KOREAN JOB (HD) from Simon Puschmann on Vimeo.

If for some reason, you left the country to go traveling within the past year or so, you may have noticed that things are somewhat different to how they used to be (understatement of the year?). Back in February, this was made painfully clear to photographer Simon Puschmann, who got to spend two weeks in a Korean quarantine hotel before his scheduled car shoot with Hyundai. The experience, which included some sub-par food arrangements and no possibility to leave the hotel room whatsoever, was recently shared by Simon in a brand new short film titled “The Korean Job”.

We highly recommend taking 21 minutes of your time to see the agonizing yet simultaneously amusing journey of traveling to South Korea in 2021.

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