The Real Comic Book Origins of The Batman '66 TV Series

Jan 12, 2023

"I can still remember the excitement the night of Wednesday, January 12, 1966, the night the Batman TV series debuted. I was 7 years old and had been reading comic books since I was first exposed to them, in summer camp two years earlier, and was “reading” them before I really learned how to read in school. I remember titles like Superman and The Justice League of America first, but in 1965, I got into Batman, thanks to these 25-cent annuals that DC Comics published in the ‘60s that were stuffed with reprints and extra pages..." -- Arlen Schumer

In the Den of Geek, article "The Real Comic Book Origins of The Batman '66 TV Series" Illustrator Arlen Schumer commemorates the 57th anniversary of the debut of the Batman TV Series.

Click on the link below for the full story from the foremost historian of the comic book industry, Arlen Schumer.