Urs J. Knobel illustrates for FIREWORDS Magazine No. 13/2021.

Mar 25, 2021

Urs J. Knobel created an illustration for “The Muse 1937” article by Renee Ruth Anderson for the fiction and poetry UK magazine, "Firewords".

A note from Editor and Design Dan Burgess and Editor Jen Scott:

"… With its theme of ‘Luck’, Issue 13 is here to question stereotypes and balance our dreams with the hurdles put in our way. Our writers have embraced every facet of luck. Sometimes this will brighten our moods and leave us covered in rainbows; other times we will wish that luck could have extended just a little bit further and must stop ourselves from reaching into the page to rewrite a more improbable ending…"

Copyright Urs J. Knobel
Copyright Urs J. Knobel