Wiseman Pairs Words With Colorful Imagery

Jul 30, 2021

Seasoned illustrator and fine artist Kimberley Wiseman continues to pair letters with imagery like few others as a number of new art pieces have been shared with her online following.

Her latest work sees a great portrayal of the concept of self-love paired with the quote “It would be nice if you weren’t here” by Charles Grodin Love. A colorful depiction of the word “Stargazing” is followed by a poetic sentence that reads: “His dark eyes held galaxies in them and she loved stargazing!”. Lastly, a giant, radiant heart nearly bursts out from its frame with the words:

“I slept funny last night.
And now,
My neck hurts,
Almost as much as my heart”

Copyright ©Kimberley Wiseman
Copyright ©Kimberley Wiseman
Copyright ©Kimberley Wiseman