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It's one thing to understand 3D and digital art from a technical standpoint, but it's an entirely different thing to understand all the nuances that elevate it to a work of art. That's where Noumena Digital shines.

Rob Magiera founded Noumena Digital as a boutique CGI studio at the advent of 3D in the mid 90's, immediately recognizing the potential these "new" tools had for expanding the artists toolbox.

For the past 13 years we have catered exclusively to the advertising, marketing and graphic design industry as an illustration and CGI studio. We’ve worked with some of the biggest and most influential ad agencies in the business.

It's a great era we live in to be an artist!
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801-541-3873 (Mobile)

312-929-4020 (Office)


1017 W Washington Blvd 5F
Chicago, IL 60607

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