Olesja Mueller

Olesja Mueller

Olesja Mueller developed her photography style growing up amongst father’s amateur prints hanging off the rope in the kitchen, and treasured foreign... magazine cutouts, almost forbidden in the former USSR.

Traveling extensively all over the world after the fall of the iron curtain, she was absorbing different cultures, fashions and styles into a kaleidoscopic vision of a Woman in the world.

She is currently based in Los Angeles, where she works with top stylists, make-up artists and hair professionals to create memorable images of sublime beauty and elegance.

Some of her clients include: swimwear lines for Ed Hardy male, Ed Hardy female, Christian Audigier male, Christian Audigier female, Jess Iverson Eco Bridal Couture, Counts of Barcelona collection, Catalunya Nights collection, Vanteria di Eleganza collection, Beauty Lounge salon, LA Models, FORD Los Angeles and FORD Chicago, ELITE, NEXT, BMG models, City Models, LOOK Models, Star Models, OTTO Models, Baltic Star Models, Vacatio modelling agency, and many others:)
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