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Joshua Prezant is a Miami-based Photographer specializing in Portraiture, Documentary, Editorial and Travel, and Photojournalism. Since 1997 he has documented the sights, sounds and people of South Florida, from local folks like Missy Elliot and Pitbull to people passing through like Lloyd Banks and Jamie Foxx.

Has camera, will travel: Joshua is available for editorial, corporate and advertising work. His work takes him everywhere from Tampa, Orlando and the Florida Keys, to Morocco, Poland, Thailand and countries in the Middle East.
Initially trained as a photojournalist working at the Miami Herald with some of the best photographers and photo editors in the industry, Joshua has mastered "Making Pictures" and not just taking them. He works quickly and efficiently and he makes pictures that not only tell a story, but are also visually interesting for the viewer.

Whatever your photo needs are, Joshua is your guy. From branding your product for a national advertising campaign to in-depth documentary stories across the globe, Joshua delivers! He loves a photographic challenge and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

When not shooting for one of his editorial or commercial clients, you can find Joshua spending time with his wife and family...usually sticking a wide-angle lens in one of their faces.

Join Newsweek Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Universal Music ( Def Jam Records), Entertainment Weekly, Canon USA Inc., Spin Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine, InStyle Magazine, XXL Magazine, TV Guide Magazine, The Source, The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquire, US Weekly, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, New York Post, The New York Daily News, The Miami Herald and the Associated Press who have all put their trust in Joshua Prezant.
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(954) 394-2020 cell (Office)


18601 NE 14th Avenue Studio #204
North Miami Beach, FL 33179

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