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I am a full time photographer based in Frederick MD. My niche is Portrait Photography, Hair Fashion Photography, and Beauty/Makeup Photography. I specialize in location portraiture. While most of my work is done in the Hair and Makeup industry, I'll shoot just about anything.

Some things you need to know about me ::

• My brand values are faith, family, and love. I want you to have faith in my abilities, you'll be treated like family, and you will love the results.

• Photo editors - I know your job is always on the (dead)line... we will not drop the ball on your job. Your designers will like me. I promise.

• I work hard to get it right in camera, that is why we shoot tethered.

• We always have legal beverage on every shoot.

• I love location work (I am mostly on location) but I have a studio and I know how to use it.

• As much as I love shooting, I also love teaching. I travel all around the country teaching my secrets of location portrait lighting.

• I am just a tad bit addicted to Twitter right now.

For general inquiries please contact my studio and we will get back to you ASAP.

Take Care,
P Thomas Lambert
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