Rick Lohre


Rick Lohre is a highly sought after commercial & aerial photographer specializing in all things active. As an over the top creative, he loves to ...get down and dirty to produce exceptional imagery. Whether the shot calls for hanging out the side of a helicopter to get the perfect angle on a downhill freeride or capturing an edgy portrait of an elite athlete, you can count on Rick to produce photos that tell the story.

His photography has taken him all over the world, from Italy, to Hong Kong, Ireland to California, Colorado to Rabbit Hash KY. He's truly comfortable in any it on a surfboard, a mountainside, barnyard or boardroom.

From advertorial style campaigns for small business to high production commercial shoots for Fortune 500 companies, photography has taken him around the world a few times. His passion for ‘capturing the moment’ can be seen in every image he creates.

Having worked at Procter & Gamble for 11 years in New Business Development, Rick has a unique insight to the advertising and corporate world of big brands and creative marketing. He understands the pressures of deadlines as well as the importance of brand image.

Some may call him a caffeine ampped Boy Scout who has watched a little too much MacGyver. With an endless stream of energy and a reputation being beyond prepared for every bump in the road he lives by the motto ‘I will either find a way or make one’. His job is to capture energetic, stylistically bold and exceptional imagery all while having fun AND making his clients job easy.
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