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“Right now, huge numbers of people cannot obtain even drinking water, and the situation is likely to become worse w… https://t.co/XwpdRyv9dv
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Underwater Director :: Underwater Photographer
Born and raised in Texas, Ric's photographic journey began with participating in and shooting the skateboarding scene. Many scrapes and scares later, swimming with the sharks seemed like an equally stimulating experience. This led this aqua man to pursue his interests at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. 14 years later, having become one of the most skilled, experienced and versatile underwater photographer. in the world, Ric has redefined the art of underwater photography shooting everything ranging from people, props and sets, to ocean life. With a focus on advertising and editorial, Ric offers a relaxed and efficient working environment however complex or straightforward the shot or campaign. Keeping in mind his goal of creating photos that show innovations in light and movement, Ric reminds the viewer that water is not only comfort, but that it is energy, strength and life. "

Partial Client list:
Shell Oil
Dicovery Cove
Flintstones Vitamins
Valspar Paint