Sarah Coleman :: Altpick Awards Winner

Inky Mole

Altpick Awards Winner #5: Jury Vote: 2nd Place; Popular Vote: Second Place

Title: Old-fashioned service
Category: Design, Ad Campaign/Packaging/3d...
Artist: Sarah J. Coleman
Art Director: Ilinca Dumitrescu
Agency: AIA, London
Rep: Bernstein & Andriulli

Description: A series of six ads produced for Sainsbury's Pharmacy, UK. The brief was to communicate 'old fashioned service, thoroughly modern medicine' by illustrating chuckle-worthy old wives tales (or are they?) for assorted agues and ailments. Aged, wobbly, hand-drawn, idiosyncratic type was called for, so where no font could reach, Inkymole's nibs stepped in. Type was drawn in a variety of secret magical inks on stained/handmade papers, along with incidental illustrations. Scanned, with very little cleaning-up, they were topped with Sainsbury's house font to create the final posters. The series was shortlisted for the CBS Outdoor Underground Writer prize (for copywriting and rendition).
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  • Sarah Coleman :: Altpick Awards Winner
    Sarah Coleman :: Altpick Awards Winner