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----------------STORY OF OGRES AND GIANTS, Flies France publisher, 2010
----------------SCHOOL BOOK of french, Nathan publisher, France, 2009
----------------LITERARY ANTHOLOGY, school book, Edelvives publisher, Spain, 2009
----------------MILLE ANS DE CONTES TSIGANES, collection of tales, Milan publisher, France, 2008
----------------INTI WATANA, album of music, France, 2007
----------------MISION, illustrations for the magazine, Spain, 2008-2009
----------------SWEDISH BULLETIN, illustrations for the magazine, Sweden, 2008-2009
----------------LING MAGAZINE, illustrations, exclusively for Vueling passengers, Spain, 2007-2008

----------------BLUE BOOK GROUP Guest Illustrator to the 2th international exhibition (Iran, Tokyo...)
----------------MILLE ANS DE CONTES TSIGANES, original book's illustrations, bookshop Ex-Libro, Strasbourg, France
----------------ETABLISSEMENT RENE HAMM, painting, 2008, Mundolsheim, France
----------------OPEN WORKSHOPS, 2008, Strasbourg, France
----------------LA MIRADA EXPOSADA, video art, Civic Center of Barceloneta, 2008, Barcelona, Spain
----------------SOMNIS, Photographs-painting, Civic Center of Barceloneta, 2008, Barcelona, Spain
----------------ART GALLERY Carré d'artistes, painting, 2007-2008, Aix en Provence, Lyon, France
----------------MUSEUM OF LITERATURE OF FRANKFURT, Literaturhaus, illustration exhibition, international fair of the book, 2007, Germany
----------------COLLECTION OF COFFEE CUPS decorated with the hand and sold in shops in Barcelona, 2007, Spain
----------------FERIMOBI 07 illustration, 2007, Barcelone, Spain
----------------TIRE LA CHEVILLETTE... illustrations on the thême of the Tales of Perrault, 2007, France
----------------ARTISTES ET MULTIMÉDIA video art, 2007, Epinal, France
----------------FESTIVAL OCTOBRE ROUGE video art, Kulturfabrik, 2006, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
----------------WEEK END OF CULTURE video art, Péniche Eliane, 2005, Bruxelles, Belgium
----------------VIDEO FESTIVAL : Kino im Fluss (Saarbrücken, Germany) / Les Yeux de L’Ouïe (Nancy, France) / Les Instants Poétiques (Aix-en Provence,France), 2004
----------------INTERNATIONAL CONTEST OF ILLUSTRATION FIGURES FUTUR selection and publication in the catalogue of the Young and New Illustrators of Tomorrow, 2004, Paris, Brussels
----------------THE SPRING OF POETES OF EPINAL poême illustrated exposed in the urban billboards, 2003
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