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Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen is known and recognized for his extraordinary ability to shoot people and lifestyles. Stewart Cohen Pictures has grown to include a staff of ten who are involved in film, print, digital, internet and publishing. This combination of capabilities allows him to maintain continuity in the presentation of a client’s message in different visual mediums. “With cameras, I get to explore places and meet people that I’d never know. So I’m always out there—watching for a moment, for the giveaway emotions like love, lust, ambition and greed. I just want the viewer to feel what I see.”
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Stewart Cohen Pictures official site


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214-421-2186 (Office)

214-565-0623 (Fax)


2401 South Ervay, Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75215


Contact Rep:


Jeremy Besser - Film Rep
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-540-9854

Contact Rep: Jeremy Besser - Film Rep

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