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Tina Darling, a fine artist and illustrator, is currently living a gypsy life, traveling around the country creating her work & adoring the simple... beauty of travel. Working primarily with watercolors and inks, her paintings are often feminine, and ethereal with a touch of passionate darkness. Weaving together curvilinear line work, patterns & soft colors together into dreamy, detailed images, she gathers her inspiration from the natural world & the human condition. Quiet expressive energy and emotion are spoken with a soft hand, leaving the viewer to process through the filters of their own lives & experiences.

Her current series is garnered from her nomadic experiences over the past year. Life on the road, with no real home. The challenges and lessons learned to the beat of passing towns, people and time. The breathtaking sunsets, storms, landscapes & characters entered, forever inspiring, leaving her to learn what is most important and how to let go.

"Today gypsy children grow up in their houses like mushrooms, they forget about forests." - Papusha

Openspace Gallery (NY)
Thinkspace Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Andenken Gallery (Denver, CO)
Subject Matter Gallery (Costa Mesa, CA)
NeverEnder Gallery (Reno, NV)
Bow & Sparrow Gallery (Chinatown, CA)
CAVE Gallery (Venice, CA)
Art Center (South Beach, Miami, FL)
WWA Gallery (Culver City, CA)

Lemonade Magazine
Vision Magazine
Tucker Paisley
YEN Magazine
Sherbert Magazine
Amplifier Magazine
Dime Magazine
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